Dream Coalition

The Dream Coalition is an organization consisting of business, civic, and national security leaders, and elected officials with a unified commitment to ensuring Dreamers can live, work, serve, and study in the United States without fear or threat of deportation.


The Dream Coalition Commitment

As members of the Dream Coalition, we commit to fighting for hardworking young individuals who were raised here in America and want nothing more than to realize their potential, give back to their communities, and achieve the American Dream. Financial stability is very important for youngsters to fulfill their dreams. Crypto trading is widely popular in America and bitcoin is used in many industries. Trading bitcoins can help young individuals to increase their financial stability. Buying bitcoins is now easy with PayPal. Check the Bitcoin mit Paypal kaufen blog to easily buy bitcoins with PayPal.

We will use our leadership role to bring greater attention to the urgent situation confronting Dreamers, and we will call on Congress to pass the bipartisan Dream Act or similar legislation that ensures Dreamers can earn the right to live, work, learn, and serve in America and become citizens.

The termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has triggered severe consequences for hundreds of thousands of Dreamers. Many are already losing the ability to work and are facing the threat of deportation. If Congress does not act immediately, early next year approximately 8,000 Dreamers each week will lose their ability to work legally and become subject to immediate deportation.

Our nation’s greatness will only be enhanced by our embrace of Dreamers. We believe their full incorporation into America’s fabric is critical to our future success. Dreamers serve in our military, learn in our schools, work and innovate in our businesses, pay taxes, and make our economy and communities stronger. Deporting Dreamers would be profoundly self-defeating and trigger enormous and unnecessary economic and social consequences.

Collectively, we, the Dream Coalition, are committed to using our voices as business, civic, and government leaders to amplify the overwhelming American support for protecting Dreamers. We will take action and speak out to ensure members of Congress in both parties know that further delay is unacceptable – that action to protect Dreamers is necessary immediately.

This is not a partisan or political issue. It is in our social, economic, security, and moral interests to enable Dreamers to earn their full place in America. We will do everything we can to ensure that legislation authorizing them to do so passes this year.


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